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Friday, 5 October 2012

Anupam Estate – Booking starts at 11 Lac Rupees onwards

Anupam Estate is a dream residential project by Anupam Housing Group. It is situated in Shamshabad Road, Agra neighbourhood. This residential project is fully modernised. It has high class facilities as well. It is an ongoing project which is ready to complete soon. The booking of Anupam Estate has already started.
Anupam Estate is located nearby Shamshabad Road which is a good place. Everything is easily available in that area. It is very close to shopping malls, hospitals, multiplexes, schools, hotels even it is very close to Taj Mahal and that are why Anupam Estate is very famous all over, Agra City.

Features or Amenities
It has many features that can attract you to buy a property over there. Shamshabad Road is not in the middle of the city and that’s why it is a peaceful place. Traffic Sound of cars, bikes and buses will not irritate you as well.
ü  Lush Green Park
ü  Badminton Court Available for playing purposes
ü  High class security
ü  Designer entrance gate
ü  Parking area
ü  24x7 power and water supply
ü  Separate flats and floors
ü  Separate balconies
ü  Eco- friendly environment
ü  Safe and secure neighbourhood
ü  Shop available in the colony
ü  Park for jogging purpose
ü  Commercial complex also available in the colony

Prices and Area
1.         Plot   - 158 sq. yd (S)  @ 11 Lac to 16 Lac Rupees
2.         Plot   - 350 sq. yd (S)  @ 42 Lac Rupees onwards
3.         2 BHK- 96 sq. Yd  (S)   @ 15 Lac to 16.5 Lac Rupees

If you want to buy or rent a flat or apartment, you have a brilliant chance to book property in Agra.  It is available in very reasonable prices. You can also take home loan facility from there. So, don’t waste your time and do start your booking today.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Yamuna Expressway Has Become Famous Across India

Yamuna Expressway that is also known as Taj Expressway,  started on 9th August , 2012 and inaugurated by Honorable Mr. Akhilesh Yadav ( Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh). This expressway is full of modern features. There are CCTV cameras installed at every five km. It is 165 km long way that connects two major cities i.e. Agra and Noida.  It has brought down the journey time from 4 hours to 100 minutes and that is why this expressway has become very famous across India. The charges for travelling on Yamuna Expressway are very affordable. The one sided journey charge is 320 rupees for four wheelers and 150 rupees for two wheelers. 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Anupam Garden offers you 2 – 3 BHK apartments in Agra City

Anupam Garden is one of the famous projects of Anupam Housing Group. It is located in Shamshabad Road which is very close to Fatehabad Road. It is a residential place that every people can buy his/her home easily.  It is ongoing project which is ready to complete soon. It offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments.

Amenities of Anupam Garden

ü  It is a single room colony with high class security
ü  It has designer entrance gate as well
ü  24x7 water supply along with is has underground bore well connection
ü  Separate electricity connection to every flats and 100% power back up
ü  Swimming pools, parks, Badminton Court,
ü  Jogging park,
ü  Shop available in the colony as well
ü  Fully environment friendly place
ü  Marble Flooring
ü  Kitchen is installed with Baroda Green Worktops

Ideal Location

ü  This residential area is very close to city market
ü  It has fully fresh and pollution free environment
ü  Commercial complex available in the colony
ü  It is very close to Sadar Bazar
ü   Neighbourhood is very safe and secure

3 BHK and 2 BHK flats are available with various sqft sizes. You can start your booking by phone at +91 (562) 2520231, 3295442, 4052058.  If you are planning to buy new property in Agra, Anupam Garden would be the best option for you. Don’t waste your time; do start your booking now.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Anupam Greens – A New Residential Project in Agra

Anupam Greens is very famous and ideal residential place which is situated nearby Sikandra - Bodla Road, Agra. It has a beautiful land and specious housed that can attract you to buy a property over there. Anupam Greens is speared in 3 Acre.  It is a fully developed colony which has all required and high class facilities.
Location Features

ü  It is very near from Delhi and Kanpur highways
ü  It is a fourth sided greenery place
ü  Clean and Crime Free Area
ü  Nearby posh colonies like Sector 1 to 16 in Bodla
ü  Malls, Shopping Centers, Multiplexes, Hospitals, Markets,Schools etc. are very close to this place

Anupam Greens is a single gate colony where you and your family will be secured. It offers various types of housing plan according to your financial budget. The natural light of this colony gives you unique and marvellous look. 
Attractive Features
ü  Televisions and telephones are installed in every bedroom
ü  Separate electricity supply facility and electrician facility available
ü  24x7 water supply along with water harvesting
ü  100% electricity backup
ü  Separate floors and apartments
ü  It has marble flooring in all bedrooms
ü  Fully modernised kitchen and installed with granite
ü  Highlighted texture painting in walls as well as external painting in POP cornices in all drawing rooms and bedrooms

Anupam Greens is good residential place for everyone which is made my Anupam Housing Groups. It is available for 3 bedroom set. You can start your booking on new residential property in Agra. Nowadays property rates are very low, so don’t waste your time, book first and lift profit.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Why Buy a Residential Property in the City of Love?

People often ask, why shall we invest our money in buying residential property in Agra? The answer to this question is quite specific, and that is, easy availability of properties in Agra. The city is granted with all sorts of comforts. Infact, the climate over here is also bearable. However, summers are quite hotter but nowadays we have lots of alternatives available to beat the heat. Since, Consumer demands are good and economic drivers are even better in Agra so builders have shown their interest in investing in Agra. People are heading toward Agra because of an ease and comfort over here.

Expanding Educational Sector

Colleges are expanding in Agra at a faster pace and Agra is becoming a great educational hub for students living in the city and nearby region and even who are far from the city. This is a good sign for those who are planning to buy a residential property as the numbers of tenants are increasing daily. It will help property owners in making money by lending their property on rent. According to market researches, number of tenants will increase in the coming years. So, it is a great idea to invest in Agra.

Finding Good Areas in Agra

Although, the entire city is good, if you want to buy residential property in Agra but there are certain specific areas where deal will prove to be very effective, if property is purchased over there. You may have two options to find the suitable deal. Either find out the property on your own by visiting various places personally or just sit at your home search your desired residential property on the internet. Nowadays you can search your desired property via online web directories that provides you all the relevant information of the property available in the desired area. Agra Real Estate (ARE) is one of those directories off-course. It is a place where anyone who is interested in purchasing property can visit and search his/her suitable deal. This is because ARE serves a platform where sellers and buyers can contact each other directly without any middleman.